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And if you are wondering what is going on at our house when I am home alone:

And this one:

and has no internet connection, what do you do? Post lots of videos to your family blog. Like this one:

I saw on breaking news about a 7.3 in the Moro Gulf, off the Philippines. CNN said it was “616 kilometers (575 miles) deep,” so I headed to to see which number was wrong. Arrived to pre-CNN news that the 616 was right— for the second of two 7.4 events within half an hour of eachother. The first earthquake was 576 kilometers deep; both are way deeper than the shallow Pacific Northwest variety I’m more used to.

Pretty funny screwup for but not for poor Mindanao. Beam positive juju— they got hit horrifically by a tsunami from the same seismogenic zone in 1976.


A real and entirely non-comforting email I received this evening:

Dear CLEAR customer,
We may have sent you an email notification on 7/21/2010 or 7/22/2010 indicating that your account information had been updated. If you did not make any changes to your account, please disregard this notice. It was an error on our part, and we have since corrected the issue.
We have verified that the information on your account is correct. No action is required on your part.
We value you as a CLEAR customer and apologize for the error.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


On a brighter note, since we moved across town, our connection is working better than ever. 5×5 with no leaning out the window!

All apologies to Secretary Wayne Clough— “a geotechnical engineer who reads and writes poetry,” a quote Michelle Obama gets laughs with in a pretty good speech— but I’m pretty sure this public exchange at the end of his introduction was the part more of the United States public was interested in:

In other design news, the Stranger put up (giant file size) versions of the draft environmental impact statements for the Deep Bore Tunnel. Crowdsourcing in the hope of somebody finding a chink in the armor, I think. Nothing I’ve seen so far strikes me as nearly so meaty a target as the fact that the WSDOT geotechnical report totally bungles our tectonic setting— no megathrust mention, attributing Nisqually to a shallow thrust “associated” fault, slickensides in boreholes downtown…

I’ve determined that this is either what men do when they hangout or the prequel to Wedding Crashers.

Devin and I have at length discussed our post-apocolypse which include putting together a local variety show including various song and dance routines.

I am quite sure this will be added to our repertoire.