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Why, yes, yes I am jazzed. Whyever do you ask??

Some stuff I hope to work in: Dust bunnies and the Crescent terrane (but briefly of course). The Cordilleran ice sheet and the SLU mammoth. Vomiting volcanoes and prodigious progradation. The Green, White and Black. The bright side of our PCB ppbs. Why this picture keeps me up at night:


It’s going to be so radical.


I’ll make a real panorama of that some day when I’m not, you know, extremely fatigued. And, um, suctioned.

USA Today: some stupid shit
CNN: red line fuck!
Al-Jazeera: military support Mother mother fuck. Mother mother fuck fuck. Mother fuck mother fuck noise noise noise.

Smokin bombs, smokin bombs, doin DU, drinkin blood

Drinkin blood blood blood.
Smokin fatties, smokin blunts. Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts.

Mostly I was just excited to keep the last lines verbatim.


(Wikipedia says the sign translates as “Poppies are the crop of death. Grow wheat instead so children can eat and live.” But, really, re: Syria, this is some Cry Havoc Let Slip etc shit. When this AM’s NYT was all “ohhh there’s gonna be an offensive on Aleppo,” I thought- “they’re gonna Benghazi it.” They’re, um, going to Benghazi it.)

I hope nobody else (besides the Big Island and Qinghai) had any unpleasant omens today. I had to collect and bag three dead house finches Mira found on the side of the house.

(No, that is not one of them. Just a different adorable idiot who needed a personal escort out of our feeder a couple weeks ago.)

I hear my dad had an exploding tire this afternoon. Here’s a palette cleansing river in case anyone else ran afoul of the universe today:

1. Intern with county government for years.

2. Take “natural step” to build skills learned there and work in industry.

3. Be surrounded by / working with drill rigs constantly.

4. Quit industry.

5. Drill rig housing destroys bridge half mile from county building.

I can’t quite read these chicken entrails but it sure is an entertaining ride.

Doesn’t it feel like you’ve always been waiting for it??

Yeah I should probably register that microscope software.

Because this WordPress theme is named Wu Wei? Get it?? Get it??

I’m sorry (not really).