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We went to China! It was hot! Here is the proof.



















I’ll make a real panorama of that some day when I’m not, you know, extremely fatigued. And, um, suctioned.

Happy Birthday MIL!


Or our new dog, whichever.


We got an underwater camera in a gift bag from a dear family friend during our wedding. We almost forgot the gift bag at my house but were able to coordinate a handoff at SeaTac the next morning with a different dear family friend.

Most the pictures turned out pretty blurry and indistinct (like this attempt to capture the awesome transverse tidal dunes).

Some (an extreme minority) turned out really well.

A select few are cute beyond words.

Last night, as the sun went down on Sam and I’s Perseid perch, I tried guessing where on our eastern skyline the sun was going to rise. I had thought the Perseids would be the astronomical wonder of the night; I had no idea the Stonehenge-like precision I was in for.

After rousing a somnolent Sam, we headed east for an odd view of Interstate 5 near Alger.

On the way down, I stopped the car to check a tall till outcrop for, I don’t know, mammoth teeth. Sam told me she heard a menacing dog nearby; I told her it was a squawking bird in the tree above. She told me it was probably a killdeer and that I was harassing their ground-based nest. I snarked back that it sounded like my bigger threat was a kill-joy. Two big dogs came bounding out of the underbrush fifteen meters distant, teeth bared and snarling. I raised my rock hammer to a defensive position and they retreated back into the bushes while I returned to the car, appropriately cowed.

She found this guy and a friend waiting on our porch at home for us. I think I’m going to name him Odin.

Here’s a handy chart I found on FitSugar (who stole it from Here) and want to print to carry with me to the grocery store. I remembered to buy organic apples after seeing it the other day- the idea of the weeping fruit was emblazoned in my mind.

This post is officially dedicated to my mother and mother-in-law both of whom I love a lot, and think of when I purchase produce. Must be something about nutrition vs. nurture or whatever that argument is about…