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Don’t even try to run…

because I’ll always be able to get (and publish) a picture of you in your stretchy pants.


So Friday I had the day off and decided to get a little hair cut. I got bangs and I like them a lot. When Devin came home I asked him how he felt about the change and this is the conversation that followed

S: Did you notice I got my hair done?

D: Uh-huh.

S: So what do you think?

D: You look like that one ugly girl, but better I guess.

S: What?! You think I’m ugly?

D: No, I like them. (long pause) I like them because you look like Garth.

S: So I look like an ugly girl or I look like a man.

D: Uh, you look nice.

This is the man to be exact:

In just a few weeks it will be a whole year of marriage.

So far it’s been tremendous and wonderful.

I am still very excited for the future.

Yay love!!!!

Here’s a handy chart I found on FitSugar (who stole it from Here) and want to print to carry with me to the grocery store. I remembered to buy organic apples after seeing it the other day- the idea of the weeping fruit was emblazoned in my mind.

This post is officially dedicated to my mother and mother-in-law both of whom I love a lot, and think of when I purchase produce. Must be something about nutrition vs. nurture or whatever that argument is about…