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My brother sent me a link to a story on the Obama administration’s extrajudicial assassination program:

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration’s authorization of the assassination of U.S. citizens accused of terrorism links abroad… case on behalf of the father of Yemen-based Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki… tossed the case on jurisdictional grounds, ruling that Awlaki’s father did not have legal standing to bring a case concerning his son. But Bates said the case raises serious judicial questions, including: “How is it that judicial approval is required when the U.S. decides to target a U.S. citizen overseas for electronic surveillance, but [not] when the United States decides to target a U.S. citizen overseas for death?”

I can’t remember if it was my brother’s article that made this point but: when the Bush administration got its “enemy combatant” labeling power, it insisted it’d only be applied to international terrorists. Then Jose Padilla happened… I wonder how long that “abroad” in the first sentence will be an important distinction of the program.

I’ve been cleaning this evening and now I sort of wish I’d first filmed a music video for this song.



Hillary Clinton moved strongly counter to former administration public position in citing the execution of carbombings as an example of one of the “indices of insurgencies.”

I know all the paranoid types are worried about the war hawk drum banging of “Mexico is a dangerous failed state!” I’m just desperately crossing my fingers it isn’t supposed to be (please forgive me) Obama’s Kosovo. Or, worse yet— a pathetic proffer for conservative support. I definitely think better of Obama than that, which is why this Clinton thing has me so rattled.

Sabre-rattling to trick anti-peace drug warriors they mean business for November? Would that be meta wagging the dog?

My dear friend Michael ruined my night the other day by pointing out to me how Google’s automatic definition giver tackles the word “literally.”


1. In a literal manner or sense; exactly: “the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle”.

2. Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.

What the hell, Google. You are literally killing me with this horseshit second definition business.

In other news, I find it a little uncomfortable to tick off “the power of America’s example” in a list of our virtues literally minutes after expounding on the oft-neglected qualities of George W. Bush. Oy gevalt.

With a title that sexy, you knew it had to be something boring.

I was really glad the Citizens United thing didn’t take me by surprise (thanks, Warren). Between the initial comments on the Burlington Coat Factory Mosque and the willingness here to call Citizens United the big stinking pile of shit it is, I’m happy to see that the Fierce Advocacy of Every Now and Again isn’t getting buried on the way to midterms.

Speaking of which— my folks didn’t sound too down about the recent primary, but it was a fair sight scarier everywhere but Seattle. Round these parts, our incumbent D (and chair of the State’s Ways and Means Committee) is advancing in second place, while Rick Larsen looks vulnerable to ultraconservative John Koster, a no-abortion-even-for-rape-and-incest sort with really irritating deficit hawk-baiting signs peppering I-5. I’d say I hope more folks read sentences like the below between now and the election but, well, clearly, it didn’t help Stan Rumbaugh.

John Koster physically flinches when asked about the prospect of two gay men kissing at the altar.

A bit more herky jerky than I hoped but, well, it was 6 in the morning and I was standing astride a hazardous woodpile:

Meanwhile, “Obama strongly supports mosque near Ground Zero.” Maybe it’s finally Morning in America.

I’m surprisingly okay with the idea… but I take umbrage with the “app for that” line. It reminds me of a joke a generic lame coworker would make- the guy whose cubicle is covered with Dilberts and is still answering the phone with the Budweiser “what’s uppppp?”

Addendum: My mother upbraided me via email along the lines that the Democrats need all the help they can get and that I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth— and I couldn’t agree more, Mom. I like that they’re waving the flashiest thing they can find in front of idiots who would spite vote against Democrats because Obama didn’t make their mean neighbor’s dog into a unicorn that shits ice cream and babysits for free. It is astounding to think that it’s been less than two years since the 2008 election; less than two years for everybody to forget every reason not to vote for Republicans. I keep hoping there are two things that will Keep The Bums Out— Obama’s secret plan to win the war in Vietnam and the Republicans themselves and their Democrat-like ability to screw up royal. I was really interested to hear on my favorite news program today that pundits on both sides are rightly marking up the Petraeus Hail Mary as a political masterstroke.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Sorry about the echo chamber, blog; we’ll start shoveling in the coals again soon.