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My wife and I confessed to eachother not really knowing what was in the news. I went looking and find this pretty interesting:

Leaked US cables show that Australia sees the Iranian nuclear programme as a “deterrent,” a sharply contrary view  to that of most Western countries. The leaks also reveal that Australia doesn’t share the assessment that Iran is a “rogue state.”

Also, Australian intelligence agencies fear Israel may launch a military strike on Iran to knock out its nuclear facilities, which they said could trigger a nuclear war…

I see they’ve played knifey spooney before. I’m always bothered by the idea of a country with like forty percent of the more than 22000 total warheads getting to close the barn door after itself. No nation should want to need nuclear weapons. It’s repellent to stall any effort to reduce the number. We really need more than 1550 ready to launch? Who are we fighting— the entire inner Solar System?

(I don’t know why it has the 3d glasses thing on— to avoid copyright protection? Pretty irritating.)



But, uh, er, yep— there’s your problem right there.

I mean— “DOJ amicus curiae brief against gene patenting!” Awesome; it’s great to see a sudden government break with tradition… maybe a lame duck shot across the bow?

Physicist prices sustainable Martian colony at $150 billion!” Cool; in high school, I wanted to write letters to dot-com insta-millionaires arguing they establish lasting fame through interplanetary colonization.

GOP leaders set sites on next target— Sarah Palin!” Haha; that is D-U-M dumb. Unless their goal is to make her more powerful than ever, crucifying her is probably the easiest way to energize her base.

War with Iran will save economy, Obama presidency!” Gr— wait, what? Excuse me?

Republican Senate candidates vocal with doubt for both anthropogenic global warming or even climate change whatsoever.” Well… anyway. The point was it’s not “all” shit.

Sam and I tuned in to about thirty-five seconds of Fox Radio News online today and heard, I believe, the Tennessee “home burns down because of unpaid fine” story spun into a “that’s what happens when you have government-run fire departments! If that was a private corporation, they’d have done it— and just left you a bill!”

I can’t wait until they spin the “dinosaurs emerged from the Permian-Triassic extinction!” story into a pro-climate change talking point. “They were the dominant lifeforms for over 150 million years! If humanity can survive the crucible of catastrophic ecological upheaval, the planet is ours for eons! It’s our trial by fire.”

Maybe these new earliest dinosaurs— from only two years after the Permian-Triassic extinction event (“informally known as the Great Dying”)— were also the cause of the big Snuff It party. What if those little hands developed a monkey-like curiosity for the Carboniferous material just scarcely buried yet? We think we’re so creative and cutting edge with our fossilfuel-icide but we’re just the latest technological society eager for a quick energy intensive fix…

At least we’ll leave a beguiling thin smear of plastic.

I said “Tracey Ullman.”

Speaking of satire, I really hate in any way noticing his existence, but I was disheartened to notice in this article about Glenn Beck’s Sunday-after attacks on Obama’s “liberation theology” a mention of Republican concern that all this aggressive rhetoric could backfire. I would always sooner prefer these sorts of people rush headlong into disaster without tarrying to check for it up ahead. Quotes like this

You see, it’s all about victims and victimhood; oppressors and the oppressed; reparations, not repentance; collectivism, not individual salvation… It’s a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ as most Christians know it.

and his March rant against any church that dare promote “social justice” strike me as pretty astoundingly out of touch with the basic tenets of, I don’t know, Christianity. Oh well— I know better than to expect Americans to notice pretty much anything that isn’t blinking and neon. At least the Tea Party is still good for rib-ticklers like that in the last thirty or so seconds in this Morning Edition piece.

…and I already have a category I’ll never get to use: Dick Cheney’s Miracle Heart. 5 heart attacks, first at 37— and now, he may have no pulse.

I shudder to think that my father’s pardon could have been physically near the general area where this photo was taken.

I was disgusted earlier this week by the size of the Goldman Sachs fraud settlement— amounting to about 3.4% of their 2009 bonus pool— leaving me primed to jump on this Elizabeth Warren bandwagon. I like the idea of Obama using this as his opportunity to make an M Night twist and not only tap Warren for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but simultaneously clean house and can the cronies Geithner and Summers.

It’s a pretty elaborately constructed fantasy world I live in. Meanwhile, in the real one, Glenn Beck gave a Jesus “was a conqueror” and “make the Jews pay” speech and prostitute patron David Vitter is gobsmacked at the idea of Rachel Maddow exhibiting femininity.