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Jeez, Louise— only a theoretical physicist would make gravity a function of an expanding information limit sphere on the edge of the universe spitting entropy into the system. It’s in the third to last paragraph, if you still want to read the article based on that excerpt. It makes my head hurt in the same way this Scrabble hand did:

Hope for an open A? Noun highway? All due credit to anyone who can figure out a salvageable play there.


But please— do yourself a favor and check out the press gallery for this Hubble 20th celebration. There’s a lot more than just the feature photo. It’s a nice time to be a space person

Thumbs down for that. Thumbs up for a sunny afternoon outing here:

I added some other photos to the Picasa albums— including the start of a Science section. So far it mostly just consists of this photo from my multihour charcoal hunt the other day:

Can you spot the charcoal? It’s the shiny dark black ones— unless it’s hiding beneath a dirty rind.

It’s probably hiding beneath a dirty rind.

Seeing comments on it like this gem from “60sCynic”

Well, I’m off to free parking and spending money in Bellevue & Issaquah. And no swerving to avoid Critical Masss Terrorists.

really helps validate my decision to internally ridicule today’s anti-McGinn editorial in the Seattle Times. Also, do you think the “mayoral dust storm” reference in the opening paragraph is meant to be a Pigpen reference?

This post is just a trial run to see if I can successfully post from a mobile device and to document that I was up way too late on a Sunday night. Tonight I made a very irresponsible decision and had s’mores for dinner instead of something not made out of pure sugar. I am now (not) enjoying the side effects of such a non-nutritious dinner: sleepy yet awake, and thirsty. It was delicious though.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Here’s to a great upcoming week (with more posts from me with pictures!)

When I see graphs like this,

it makes me think somebody thinks we’re just playing a video game.

In 2003, while I was still living in the dorms, there was a weekend night I couldn’t sleep. About 2 in the morning, I heard a big commotion outside and brushed it off- closing time, drunks going home. It was only later I found out I’d missed my chance to see a huge bolide that streaked across three states.
Thanks, Yesterday’s Big Midwest Fireball, for reminding me to continue kicking myself.