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Holiday Party 2010




Good food, lovely friends and great conversation.

It was a wonderful evening.


…and it’s not over yet. Here’s a present I was working on today for a dear friend of mine whose encyclopedic knowledge of America’s caretaker presidents often goes unappreciated.

Up next? Beatbox “Don’t Let’s Start” for my favorite word nerd and a Choose Your Own Adventure for my favorite trigger puller. Come hell or high water, I’m crawling out of the Graduate Student Friend Trench.

Over the last month our house has been visited by my father and my father-in-law on alternating weekends all of April. It was pretty great to see them both and a wonderful excuse to attempt to keep our house clean. We have also now become the proud owners of an inflatable mattress for our guests to use from now, so feel free to stop by and take a nap or stay a while. I’ve been trying to take more pictures for everyone to post here so here they are!

Samish Slab/ Boy Hunting Rocks

O'Reilly Exploration Team

Point Whitehorn View

Whitehorn + My Feet

On the nice days we’ve been so lucky to have, Devin and I have been trying to get out and enjoy places that we have never been to (and just so happen to have excellent rock samples.) The Samish Slab day was April 22 and took a total of 5 minutes to drive to. A huge exposed bedrock slab is the perfect place to lay down a blanket, catch up on my reading and let a geologist loose. The Whitehorn adventure was a bit of a drive toward the refineries and we received a few sideways glances from some security dude, but the park trail was so very lovely and the rocky beach was even better. To the left there were some giant oil tanker beasts and to the right was a private property, but the in-between beach was perfect.

May Day Friend Time

Living Room Pyramid

This most recent weekend also happened to be my dear friends birthday, so we spent the day crafting cards, eating cheesy pretzel snacks and homemade lemon bars, and catching up. I hate living so far away from my friend family, but we make up for it by using our time to pose for pictures and make 3-person pyramids. I am sad the weekend had to end.

In other news, last night was my official announcement of my promotion at work! Yay!! Now family errands commence as we will take a trip to the bank, the grocery store and campus. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the stack of books my FIL lent me to read, which one will I choose first?

I just got home from work to find that Devin’s name on our blog is way bigger than mine because he’s been posting more stuff than I have so here is my contribution to inflate my name (hahaha)- so here is what I’m up to.

Tomorrow I’m driving to Marysville to meet up with my good girlfriends who have all somehow moved to Seattle. None of us are from Marysville, but it seems to be about half way for all of us plus there’s coffee to drink and outlet shops to peruse and really we just need a place to hug and talk. We all used to live in a big house about 4 blocks from where Devin and I live now. A total of about 13 girls lived there all at once, but the 6 of us became pretty close and cannot be without each other for very long. Although one is in Lesotho right now being a noble member of the PeaceCorps and another can’t make it because family is visiting, it should be great fun anyway. I have tomorrow off so I will be loading up the car with good music and zipping (safely) down the freeway to see my lovelies. Hooray!!!

I’ve been working a lot this past week to make up for the vacation we took to San Diego a few weeks back, so not much else has been going on with me. Tonight our All Sports League has a basketball game which should be interesting since although quite vertically challenged, basketball is the only sport I have ever officially played on a team. Over the span of my 5th/6th grade career I touched the ball twice during a game and it was magical so I’m expecting that magic to reappear tonight. And I had a crush on Charles Barkley so maybe he’ll send me some good juju. Next week I’m going to work on trying to learn Dreamweaver for two reasons. First of all I’d like to be able to make my own fancy blog someday and because Dream Weaver is one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ll let you all know how this goes of course.

Here’s some other random information:

– I want to eat this.

-I want to make this.

-I want to read this.

Happy Saturday!

Tonight Devin, Sam, Boy Sam, and Elise all went bowling. I personally love bowling, it being a Macfarlane family past time and all, and proceeded to rank in the top two for the first two games. Then Devin started to curse me, putting a hex on me like no other. It went like this:
(singing) “Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? – oh yeah, I’m going to beat you by twenty points. You just wait and see.”

And then the impossible happened. He beat me, and not only by twenty points but probably forty. I was crushed. The moral of the story is to never doubt that your husband will do what he says he will or the power of the Baja Men.

After bowling we went back to Boy Sam & Elise’s house and made amazing fresh rolls with peanut sauce, seaweed, carrots, cilantro and lettuce. I made the peanut sauce, hooray!

ps The moon is basically full and looking very haunting outside, plus it’s stormy and blustery. It feels like a very creepy movie. I’m going to bed!