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She dug her heels in the couch. It felt good to stretch. It felt good to kill.

She’d always wondered, of course. How could you not? What would she hear? What would it smell like as she held its lifeless body in her jaws? Would she move quickly enough if her much smaller companion could flush it out from its cover?

Mira the Killer

She rang its neck and dropped it when asked. I looked it right in the beady dying eye and crushed its skull with my trusty rock hammer.


I spent my shower this afternoon dreaming up creative ways I could use the time between Sam and I watching last night’s 24 and tonight’s LOST. But then I screwed up and it ended up being only about seven minutes. At least the lost time went into this delicious meal!

PS— that photo taken by the ambient light of 8:07 PM! Yowza!