Archives for the month of: March, 2010

Tonight Devin, Sam, Boy Sam, and Elise all went bowling. I personally love bowling, it being a Macfarlane family past time and all, and proceeded to rank in the top two for the first two games. Then Devin started to curse me, putting a hex on me like no other. It went like this:
(singing) “Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? – oh yeah, I’m going to beat you by twenty points. You just wait and see.”

And then the impossible happened. He beat me, and not only by twenty points but probably forty. I was crushed. The moral of the story is to never doubt that your husband will do what he says he will or the power of the Baja Men.

After bowling we went back to Boy Sam & Elise’s house and made amazing fresh rolls with peanut sauce, seaweed, carrots, cilantro and lettuce. I made the peanut sauce, hooray!

ps The moon is basically full and looking very haunting outside, plus it’s stormy and blustery. It feels like a very creepy movie. I’m going to bed!


Welcome to Sam and Devin dot com. Sorry I took so long coming to bed, Sam— I got really distracted trying to make a suitably impressive pair of literary dinosaurs for our first post.