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At 8:30 this fine morning I was the lucky recipient of a phone call from India from a very happy traveler I am lucky to call my brother-in-law. It sounds like as is well with The Brendan and he is settled and having a great time. It made me very, very happy to hear from him but also sad when I realized how far away he is along with my other dear ones in Lesotho, Armenia and Texas. The PeaceCorp and general interest in faraway places have taken some sweet friends of mine away from me but I know they are doing what they love so I’m not too worried.

I personally do not know who would not want to be where I am today because when I searched “weather 98225” this morning, all I got was this:


I’ll take it.

Happy Summer Everyone!


My Dad and I were musing this weekend about how close or not my brother is to the massive flooding in China. Noticing another reference to Jiangxi Province in that latest Xinhua article, I decided to do some sleuthing.

That’s him in the green building. Most of the worst is way to the south and east of him but that latest big dike burst (the wavy lines) is only about 160 kilometers to the south. If there was flooding in the Maple Valley today, would I be too worried? So, no immediate concern— but, really, can water be far from your mind in a city named Nine Rivers?

(Before anybody jumps on my back— yes, there is another, bigger city named Fuzhou closer to the coast but that’s not the one the Fuhe River goes through. Finding Chinese locations in Google Maps is pretty frustrating for this honky, though; place names seem to appear and disappear at random and others seem to show up in multiple, widely separated places. How could anyone ever cope?)