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Mira is shedding.



She dug her heels in the couch. It felt good to stretch. It felt good to kill.

She’d always wondered, of course. How could you not? What would she hear? What would it smell like as she held its lifeless body in her jaws? Would she move quickly enough if her much smaller companion could flush it out from its cover?

Mira the Killer

She rang its neck and dropped it when asked. I looked it right in the beady dying eye and crushed its skull with my trusty rock hammer.

The meteor visuals are oversaturatingly awesome— in a tsunami, wrath-of-God sense.

But the best for me still are the sounds— the main report and the lonnnnnng rolling thunder after. The first time I heard it, I thought stuff must be exploding near the videographer. It’s been all the videos I’ve seen since; I think the individual chunks of airburst must be popping off like corn.

I haven’t seen any great stills of 2012 DA14 yet, but here’s a pretty nice video from amateur Italian astronomers:


Mom visited! We ate Mexican food! I walked the dogs!




(We also did some yardwork, but I’ll wait until some things start blooming before subjecting you to dirt photos. Until then just dogs and food probably.)

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week so far. I just learned I get a 3 day weekend so I’m planning all sorts of ways to spend it. Ideas so far include sleeping, dog walking, catching up on past newspapers and snacking. Maybe I’ll catch up on fashion week from the comfort of my couch. I can feel your jealousy through the internet.

On Thursday before I went to work we went out to a new place for breakfast. Our usual crepe place doesn’t open until late, so we were forced to branch out. It was great.



I refuse to take pictures of my food because I think it’s a little weird, but here’s a few reasons why I liked this place. Dev got a pretty good veggie scramble and I had a breakfast sandwich with morning star patties. I love fake meat so much more than real meat lately, so this made me really happy. Then, our check came with Andes mints!!! Below fortune cookies and slightly above cinnamon discs, the best check candy is Andes. You know they’re not just giving you that weird leftover Halloween junk and that they but it special from Costco just for you, the customer. I will definitely be coming back. Plus they have milkshakes and beer.

I came home to all this sweet stuff today.






Oh PS we’re dog sitting for a few weeks. He’s a little tired from a long day of finding laps to sit on.