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I’ll make a real panorama of that some day when I’m not, you know, extremely fatigued. And, um, suctioned.


Doesn’t it feel like you’ve always been waiting for it??

Yeah I should probably register that microscope software.

Happy belated New Year! So far 2013 has been pretty great. We’re in the process of wrangling our thousands of personal photos to one place which is a little more complex than I would have imagined. Here are some that I’ve managed to get my mitts on of some random stuff we’ve been doing lately. You’ll quickly learn that our new favorite family hobby is the dog. Sorry.

Capital Hill Rooftop

NYE 2012

Don't say a word.

Don’t say a word.


This was a delicious guacamole tostada.

This was a delicious guacamole tostada.






3 medals, 3 PRs. 39.3 miles total. Also, I look gross.
3 sweaty, gross and smiley girls who just PR’d.



Tonight we’re going to MIL’s birthday dinner and then coming home to be bummed about the weekend being over. I’ll tell you all about it later.

Or our new dog, whichever.


A Very Blurry Thanksgiving








Happy (almost) Winter!

One of Sam and I’s favorite things to chuckle at is the odd assortment of search terms that lead errant googlers here; variations on “ocean pout” and “Lake Karachay” are by far the most common. There’s a new flurry of recombinations juggling “October,” “Scorpio” and “horoscope” coming in now.

It reminds me of what sort of convinced me the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter was too low to be useful to use it as any real cultural bellwether— meme pirates who fill their tweets with a potpourri of whatever the meteorically-rising current trends are. It’s like wearing brand clothing taken to an attention-seeking compulsive extreme. Want to read thoughts from the zeitgeist on the passing of Greg Giraldo? Too bad you have to sift through dozens of messages along the lines of  “Greg Giraldo Grey’s Anatomy Bristol Palin Deuces Remix #OMGTeenQuotes #FollowFriday #whenIwasakid;” garbage spewed for the sake of being noticed spewing garbage.

The preceding sentence could have been an excellent segue into the subject of Tarrare— but I think I’ll close with this adorable deer family I saw instead.

They were eating apples.