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Don’t even try to run…

because I’ll always be able to get (and publish) a picture of you in your stretchy pants.



We were surprised to be one of only 3 or 4 groups visiting this new park/trail thanks to a low readership of the newspaper. This is probably one of the only times I’ve been happy that people don’t read print journalism anymore, we had the place to ourselves and maybe even took some samples for further inspection. I am assuming Devin will be posting more detailed info about the actual fossils and rocks found here, but I am here to report that fun was had by all and that it was a gorgeous day!

We got an underwater camera in a gift bag from a dear family friend during our wedding. We almost forgot the gift bag at my house but were able to coordinate a handoff at SeaTac the next morning with a different dear family friend.

Most the pictures turned out pretty blurry and indistinct (like this attempt to capture the awesome transverse tidal dunes).

Some (an extreme minority) turned out really well.

A select few are cute beyond words.

Last night, as the sun went down on Sam and I’s Perseid perch, I tried guessing where on our eastern skyline the sun was going to rise. I had thought the Perseids would be the astronomical wonder of the night; I had no idea the Stonehenge-like precision I was in for.

After rousing a somnolent Sam, we headed east for an odd view of Interstate 5 near Alger.

On the way down, I stopped the car to check a tall till outcrop for, I don’t know, mammoth teeth. Sam told me she heard a menacing dog nearby; I told her it was a squawking bird in the tree above. She told me it was probably a killdeer and that I was harassing their ground-based nest. I snarked back that it sounded like my bigger threat was a kill-joy. Two big dogs came bounding out of the underbrush fifteen meters distant, teeth bared and snarling. I raised my rock hammer to a defensive position and they retreated back into the bushes while I returned to the car, appropriately cowed.

She found this guy and a friend waiting on our porch at home for us. I think I’m going to name him Odin.

Lately I’ve been noticing people are getting pretty bummed about the state of well, lots of things. The economy is creeping along, oil is chugging out of the bottom of the ocean and we can’t seem to stop it, politicians are being their usual selves and my mom has had to replant her garden twice already this year due to inclement weather. I think we are all in need of some good news or at least some good laughs. This post is dedicated to everyone and only includes funny-happy-uplifting things. (Now that I think of it, most of our posts are pretty non-negative, but this one is especially silly/saccharin.) I hope you laugh a little bit more by reading this!

peace out home-slices.

We went on a camping trip a few weeks ago. It was beautiful.


When we went camping last weekend, we headed up the Chewuch River valley north of Winthrop to pick from a series of three campgrounds. We picked the one in the middle, Chewuch, in between Falls Creek and Camp 4. I think it’s about here:

It was pretty nice.

To give you a sense of scale on this giant tent we keep talking up to our friends, that tree on the right is approximately 700 feet tall.

The best part? I had assumed we wouldn’t want to stay at Chewuch as it was the biggest— 16 whole sites— but we found it nearly deserted. It was empty enough we went through a vague period of worry that we’d missed signs back in Winthrop regarding axe murderers or rampaging grizzlies.  Our site (#9?) was easily big enough for a ten person group and the only other people (two campground hosts) were on the far side of the grounds— that picture above is from our site aiming towards theirs.

Being a National Forest, we could have just packed up and headed into the hills if there was competition for the campground. (Looking back at that Google Map, I can see a pretty attractive hill site just off a Development Road above the campground, for example.) But— flat ground, no people, river access, scenic surrounding hills, water spigot ten yards from camp; we had it made. The only possible improvement would have been if someone had downed and chainsawed an entire tree at the adjacent campsite…