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This is what happens when I ride my bike to work.

If I take the tiny amount of extra energy it takes to check the air in my tires and grab my bike lock instead of my car keys, I get to swing by Elizabeth Park on the way to work and catch up on my reading. With tennis courts, a fountain, multiple benches, a gazebo and a fine exhibit of local flora and some fauna, it is by far one of my favorite spots around. Next time I’ll take more pictures of the park but I felt a little creepy since it was cold and sunny so I had my hood up and sunglasses on slightly resembling the Unabomber.

P.s. Devin and I are simultaneously preparing blog posts. It’s so cute I can hardly stand it.


You should alert your stylist/barber/local beauty school to this.

I like it because you could also try collecting dog hair and sending it in. (Hahaha) I have been getting pretty depressed thinking about all of the damage the oil spill is doing and was grateful that my friend found this opportunity to try and do something to help. It’s not like you can just throw twenty bucks at it and the oil will start draining back into the earth. I think I’ll take this as a sign to ride my bike this summer and put the keys to my car somewhere too high for me to reach.

In more uplifting news, here is a cute photo I found from May 2009. I believe it was a walk through Martha Washington Park.

Nap time!