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She dug her heels in the couch. It felt good to stretch. It felt good to kill.

She’d always wondered, of course. How could you not? What would she hear? What would it smell like as she held its lifeless body in her jaws? Would she move quickly enough if her much smaller companion could flush it out from its cover?

Mira the Killer

She rang its neck and dropped it when asked. I looked it right in the beady dying eye and crushed its skull with my trusty rock hammer.


Happy belated New Year! So far 2013 has been pretty great. We’re in the process of wrangling our thousands of personal photos to one place which is a little more complex than I would have imagined. Here are some that I’ve managed to get my mitts on of some random stuff we’ve been doing lately. You’ll quickly learn that our new favorite family hobby is the dog. Sorry.

Capital Hill Rooftop

NYE 2012

Don't say a word.

Don’t say a word.


This was a delicious guacamole tostada.

This was a delicious guacamole tostada.






3 medals, 3 PRs. 39.3 miles total. Also, I look gross.
3 sweaty, gross and smiley girls who just PR’d.



Tonight we’re going to MIL’s birthday dinner and then coming home to be bummed about the weekend being over. I’ll tell you all about it later.

I’ve been working for 12 days straight. I am so incredibly happy that it is Friday. I am so happy, so very happy. Here’s to a lovely weekend to be had by all and a pig and monkey combo. I wonder what this means astrologically speaking?

Last night, as the sun went down on Sam and I’s Perseid perch, I tried guessing where on our eastern skyline the sun was going to rise. I had thought the Perseids would be the astronomical wonder of the night; I had no idea the Stonehenge-like precision I was in for.

After rousing a somnolent Sam, we headed east for an odd view of Interstate 5 near Alger.

On the way down, I stopped the car to check a tall till outcrop for, I don’t know, mammoth teeth. Sam told me she heard a menacing dog nearby; I told her it was a squawking bird in the tree above. She told me it was probably a killdeer and that I was harassing their ground-based nest. I snarked back that it sounded like my bigger threat was a kill-joy. Two big dogs came bounding out of the underbrush fifteen meters distant, teeth bared and snarling. I raised my rock hammer to a defensive position and they retreated back into the bushes while I returned to the car, appropriately cowed.

She found this guy and a friend waiting on our porch at home for us. I think I’m going to name him Odin.

A few weeks ago we were very, very fortunate and got to visit O’Brien family in San Diego and Coronado. Here are some snapshots from our trip. (They are mostly from Balboa Park- the day I remembered my camera.)

Devin and the Segways (!!!)


Pretty Tree


Near the fake Globe Theatre

Adorable baby ducks at the San Diego Zoo

Bun I chased down on the lawn bowling field.

Don’t hold it against me that of all the amazing and beautiful wild creatures at the zoo, I took a picture of baby mallard ducks scrambling about on the sidewalk. It was just too cute. Devin got some good ones of the chimps and more extraordinary creatures, we even got a short movie of a chimp teenager running around with popcorn in his whiskers. I leave all that extra technical stuff up to him to post. Overall, our trip to SD was so much more than a trip to the zoo. We had days filled with adventures and got to spend time with relatives we see too rarely. I just can’t seem to remember to take pictures all the time. I will learn, promise.