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You should go to Teddy Bear Cove and gaze upon the water and chase lizards and find purple starfish the size of your head and hunt for crabs that turn out to be dead and squeeze between big rocks. At least that’s what we did today, here’s proof!

(if you click on the pictures, it makes them bigger)

On the way to Teddy Bear Cove.

Into a magical forest filled with horses.

This one and I had a moment.

Teddy Bear Cove view.


See, we’re not vampires.

Dead crap. RIP.



Another view.

I swear there is a lizard in this picture somewhere.

The Professor.

Arroyo Park.

Boy and big fallen tree.

After our big day of outside fun, we ventured to the Food Pavilion which I had never before had the pleasure of shopping in since their big remodel a while back. It being Saturday and all, we were bombarded by delicious samples on all fronts- the bakery, specialty cheese section, random chips and candies, and dairy. I thoroughly enjoyed our experience but this is no surprise considering my love for grocery stores. Devin successfully made it an entire lap PLUS a double back through produce which is a huge deal because of his disdain for long, dawdling store trips. We’re a pretty good team since I could seriously spend hours going around and around making sure I didn’t miss anything, he helps keep me in check. Overall analysis of today’s events: Very, very good.


This is what happens when I ride my bike to work.

If I take the tiny amount of extra energy it takes to check the air in my tires and grab my bike lock instead of my car keys, I get to swing by Elizabeth Park on the way to work and catch up on my reading. With tennis courts, a fountain, multiple benches, a gazebo and a fine exhibit of local flora and some fauna, it is by far one of my favorite spots around. Next time I’ll take more pictures of the park but I felt a little creepy since it was cold and sunny so I had my hood up and sunglasses on slightly resembling the Unabomber.

P.s. Devin and I are simultaneously preparing blog posts. It’s so cute I can hardly stand it.

You should alert your stylist/barber/local beauty school to this.

I like it because you could also try collecting dog hair and sending it in. (Hahaha) I have been getting pretty depressed thinking about all of the damage the oil spill is doing and was grateful that my friend found this opportunity to try and do something to help. It’s not like you can just throw twenty bucks at it and the oil will start draining back into the earth. I think I’ll take this as a sign to ride my bike this summer and put the keys to my car somewhere too high for me to reach.

In more uplifting news, here is a cute photo I found from May 2009. I believe it was a walk through Martha Washington Park.

Nap time!

Over the last month our house has been visited by my father and my father-in-law on alternating weekends all of April. It was pretty great to see them both and a wonderful excuse to attempt to keep our house clean. We have also now become the proud owners of an inflatable mattress for our guests to use from now, so feel free to stop by and take a nap or stay a while. I’ve been trying to take more pictures for everyone to post here so here they are!

Samish Slab/ Boy Hunting Rocks

O'Reilly Exploration Team

Point Whitehorn View

Whitehorn + My Feet

On the nice days we’ve been so lucky to have, Devin and I have been trying to get out and enjoy places that we have never been to (and just so happen to have excellent rock samples.) The Samish Slab day was April 22 and took a total of 5 minutes to drive to. A huge exposed bedrock slab is the perfect place to lay down a blanket, catch up on my reading and let a geologist loose. The Whitehorn adventure was a bit of a drive toward the refineries and we received a few sideways glances from some security dude, but the park trail was so very lovely and the rocky beach was even better. To the left there were some giant oil tanker beasts and to the right was a private property, but the in-between beach was perfect.

May Day Friend Time

Living Room Pyramid

This most recent weekend also happened to be my dear friends birthday, so we spent the day crafting cards, eating cheesy pretzel snacks and homemade lemon bars, and catching up. I hate living so far away from my friend family, but we make up for it by using our time to pose for pictures and make 3-person pyramids. I am sad the weekend had to end.

In other news, last night was my official announcement of my promotion at work! Yay!! Now family errands commence as we will take a trip to the bank, the grocery store and campus. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the stack of books my FIL lent me to read, which one will I choose first?

Thumbs down for that. Thumbs up for a sunny afternoon outing here:

I added some other photos to the Picasa albums— including the start of a Science section. So far it mostly just consists of this photo from my multihour charcoal hunt the other day:

Can you spot the charcoal? It’s the shiny dark black ones— unless it’s hiding beneath a dirty rind.

It’s probably hiding beneath a dirty rind.

When I see graphs like this,

it makes me think somebody thinks we’re just playing a video game.