You should go to Teddy Bear Cove and gaze upon the water and chase lizards and find purple starfish the size of your head and hunt for crabs that turn out to be dead and squeeze between big rocks. At least that’s what we did today, here’s proof!

(if you click on the pictures, it makes them bigger)

On the way to Teddy Bear Cove.

Into a magical forest filled with horses.

This one and I had a moment.

Teddy Bear Cove view.


See, we’re not vampires.

Dead crap. RIP.



Another view.

I swear there is a lizard in this picture somewhere.

The Professor.

Arroyo Park.

Boy and big fallen tree.

After our big day of outside fun, we ventured to the Food Pavilion which I had never before had the pleasure of shopping in since their big remodel a while back. It being Saturday and all, we were bombarded by delicious samples on all fronts- the bakery, specialty cheese section, random chips and candies, and dairy. I thoroughly enjoyed our experience but this is no surprise considering my love for grocery stores. Devin successfully made it an entire lap PLUS a double back through produce which is a huge deal because of his disdain for long, dawdling store trips. We’re a pretty good team since I could seriously spend hours going around and around making sure I didn’t miss anything, he helps keep me in check. Overall analysis of today’s events: Very, very good.