I’m not one of those Generalized Liberal Anxiety Disorder types and have, frankly, little fear about Dino Rossi beating Patty Murray.

Rossi’s desperate refrain that he’s “not running on those issues” to minimize discussing his views on abortion, the environment and evolution won’t fly now that he’s running for the Senate. (Fun fact— Rossi worked on the campaign against I-210, the 1991 initiative to make Roe v. Wade state law!)

I heard on KUOW’s The Conversation today that one of the Rossi campaign’s strategies is to make a stink out of Murray’s earmarks. This post owes its entire existence to the fact that the Conversation didn’t use the one-liner I emailed them:

If Dino Rossi thinks complaining about money coming into Washington state is an effective campaign strategy, I wish him the best of luck in his personal campaign to prove that the third time may, in fact, not be the charm.