It was with great humor, a few months ago, that I received my first official ban from a government. It was for this iPhoto slideshow I made “for” a friend of mine three years ago:

I think I made it as a joke on how ubiquitous his name was on the Internet. It hasn’t kept him from getting any jobs at any rate (that I’m aware of).

Anyway, I noticed earlier this year, via YouTube, that the presence of Tina Turner had gotten the clip banned in Germany— copyright WMG, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Chappell, and Warner Chappell, apparently. The Volcano Syzygy video I put up yesterday had an Aphex Twin clip in the background and it seems they move faster these days; I got an email within an hour letting me know the audio would be muted to the public.

I just re-uploaded it with me whamming on the old CTK-515 instead so, hey, at least the Copyright Cops tricked me into spending my time creatively. Now if only I could keep a beat on my smartphone drum pad…