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A really fun musical game is to play songs from “Rid of Me” and “White Chalk” back to back to confound listeners with them being from the same artist. See for example that the gut disgust reaction my mother just made to overhearing the below probably sits at the opposite end of the dipole from her (presumptive) reaction to the internationalist-baiting catchy autoharping above. New PJ Harvey, new Radiohead Saturday— Yo La Tengo live Thursday… this is shaping up to be a nice week.

In the last six years, Yo La Tengo has charted a slow, inexorable rise in my esteem— from Band With An Album I Like to Band Serving As A Do-We-Agree-About-Music Litmus Test.

I just saw this for the first time and, yes, those are the Mr. Show guys. I think Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution would have really benefited from that pink wig.

Looking for Yo La Tengo on YouTube led me to this (profoundly “okay”) video about a cred-salvaging iPod that displays hipster music on your screen to cover up your secret pop fetishes. The fact that the “hipster” bands they cite are Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, the Velvet Underground and Wilco clues you in to the fact the video’s clearly not a hipster inside job…

I just saw Sam’s video from below and obnoxiously au courant-adly thought of the German satellites making their intricate orbital maneuvers to use radars to capture a “most detailed ever 3D map” of the Earth’s topography. I did some back of the envelope calculations and think the close distances these satellites are approaching each other— within 200 meters at an orbit 514 kilometers up— is equivalent to a precision of 1 in 217000 at that orbit. Did I mention they were launched 3 years apart?

Dr. Manfred Zink is a project manager (for the TanDEM-X side). This, obviously, is Manfred Mann:

This was the top comment when I saw that page today:

great song by a proper band i.e. people who could play instruments and perform live not like the manufactured crap of today (i guess i’m getting old a ) still who cares we all get old sometime i suppose
I hope that guy didn’t realize that for the first time during his YouTube comment.

I can’t lie— I’m mostly posting this so that Sam has a face to go with one of our 2010 Summer Jams.

I’m not 100% sold on the video (Elijah Wood?) but, god, getting that album out of my head is like tackling acute histoplasmosis— it’s gonna take a while. I had to welch out of my coworkers’ housewarming party this weekend and am working on a dance mix to assuage my guilt; really, it’s just an excuse to use that one song.

Devin and I often talk about what our band will be like when the idea finally comes to fruition. Here’s some inspiration I found today:

Ideas I want to steal from this band for our future ensemble include:

Orange costumes


Go-go boots

Cute haircuts



A guy told me really excitedly this winter that the solo album from the Sigur Rós lead singer was going to be the album of the summer— that you’d hear it blasting from the car of anyone who’s cool. He was so excited and it made me really happy to hear someone evangelizing a current album instead of just slamming the incessant cesspool that pop music has become. I went ahead and bought it when I saw it in a store a few weeks later and— I don’t know. It’s pretty structurally clever in some places but that never really means anything for listenability; just ask Captain Beefheart. Obviously, Go is a lot nicer to listen to than Trout Mask Replica— some of the operatic swells have a great galloping panchromatic beauty to them— but then you realize it’s because you’re riding astride an armored unicorn, straight for the heart of Care-a-Lot. It’s music I feel like I’m going to get beaten up for listening to— which makes it kind of hard to listen to.

Anyway. My Auditory Enjoyment Index has been out of commission since I accidentally listened to that new LCD Soundsystem album grading lab finals. Confidential to James Murphy— making it sound like you sampled “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” is not a blank check for lines like

As night has such a local ring

And love and rock are pickup things

And you know it, yeah, you know it

Yeah, you know, take

People are paying attention, man. We haven’t all had enough Pabst to get lost in the handclaps.

Here’s my Summer Jam: