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We spruced up the page some— including fixing some nerdy stuff you don’t care about and adding links to some pretty pictures (up top) you might.

Also, they found spinel on the moon. I think (and Wikipedia confirms) that spinel, besides being a metamorphic mineral, shows up in chemically primitive mantle rocks, like peridotite, so it makes a little sense to show up on the volcanic, olivine-rich moon but, still, not something they were expecting to see.

Spinel, from Wikimedia Commons (through NASA)

In other not-expecting-to-see news, I’ll have a lot more to say about this in the future but, for some reason, it appears that even though they redshift as expected, quasars don’t show time dilation. That sentence should make cosmologists uncomfortable six ways from Sunday.


The top photo is the hunk of quartz I’m going to carve up for the inestimable Boy Sam, who took me out to see the hallowed Phyllite Pile this weekend. This is the smaller of two pieces that I’m going to clean up with a steel carbide pick and etcher (thanks Fred Meyer 50% off tool sale!). The picture on the bottom is a close-up of some feldspar that showed up on some of the quartz chunks; microcline?

I feel like I mention “landfill sampling” fairly often without ever providing any context. So I took this photo the other day to help build a mental image.

In other news, if you’re dying to, you can download my thesis proposal here.